Trust in governmenthas to be earned

I may be old-fashioned, but I prefer government that works more than talks – one that you can trust.

Policies sound nice, but who knows what is around the corner? How many of the promises that the Labor government made have been successfully completed?

Radical socialistic regimes had one year, two year and so on, elaborate plans, but in the end they have sunk deeper in the economic misery. There was no such a thing as a good life, the atmosphere was tense. It would have been a crime to make a joke or laugh. People were vegetating and surviving purely by hanging onto the hope that things would change and life would become worth living again in the future.They were being prevented from leaving the socialistic “haven” by iron and bamboo curtains, concrete walls and armed guards. 

Since the regimes collapsed, many people have left to go west. Unfortunately, there were also some followers of the failed regimes between them, who are trying to revive the ideas somewhere else.

Jiri Kolenaty,



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