A tough choice between unpopular leaders

The election date has been announced, Tony Abbott has declared he is ready for the fight at a three minute press conference and then walked off answering... no to questions. 

According to the latest rhetoric, the Coalition are going to create two million jobs over the next decade, with no explanation as yet how. 

Considering the present government has created 850,000 jobs during their tenure, this figure on a pro-rata basis is less by about the same number of people who would have lost their jobs if there was no action during the Global Financial Crisis. 

The only information from the opposition leader was to tell all of the battling mums and dads that he is taking their school bonus off them, but has reiterated his support for an $8 billion dollar parental leave scheme for his own constituents. Thanks very much, I don’t think.

So, according to the national media we have two contestants that nobody wants. But the one leading the party that they claim is a shoe-in, that party being the opposition, has 67 per cent of Australians saying thanks... but no thanks. 

So lets get this straight, the party the national media are barracking for, has a leader nobody wants, albeit 33 per cent. 

I bet anybody sitting an aptitude test for a senior position would like 33 per cent to be a pass for the managing director’s job.

This is unprecedented, and suggests the person concerned is on borrowed time. No doubt about that, unless he can convince people otherwise. To date, there has been no sign of  of this having been achieved. But you never know. 

Ken Price,



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