Got an app-etite for our February Photo Feast challenge?

A PICTURE a day keeps the doctor away... or at least it will keep your brain ticking. 

As more than 8000 readers across the world enjoy what the Bendigo Advertiser Android and iPhone apps have to offer, avid user Naomi Dougall believes the app’s assignment function is a great way to get people thinking.

“I liked the I Spy (assignment),” she said.

“It really made people think outside the box.”

The photography lover said she looked forward to the different assignments.

“It’s a bit of fun and a way to express your creativity,” she said.

Speaking of creativity, have some fun with us this month and share your favourite things through our February Photo Feast assignment.

Each day during the month of February we will set a specific thing for you to snap a pic of and send in via the App to feature in our photo galleries.

If you miss a day don’t worry! Sundays will be a catch up day where you can go back through the list of photos set for each day that week (see below), take your pictures and send them in.

 Plus, the list will be available online at

So, users from the Caribbean to Bendigo, it’s time to put your creative caps on and get snapping!

If you would like to take part via your Twitter or Instagram accounts simply hashtag #FebPhotoFeast and/or #BgoAddy.

FUN: Naomi Dougall shoots a pear with her Apple iPhone for the February Photo Feast “favourite thing to eat” challange.Picture: PETER WEAVING

FUN: Naomi Dougall shoots a pear with her Apple iPhone for the February Photo Feast “favourite thing to eat” challange.Picture: PETER WEAVING

February Photo Feast

Friday, Feb 1:                    Favourite thing to eat

Saturday, Feb 2:               Favourite thing you've made

Sunday, Feb 3:                  Favourite thing you've received

Monday, Feb 4:                 Favourite family photo

Tuesday, Feb 5:                 Favourite friend photo

Wednesday, Feb 6:           Favourite skyline shot

Thursday, Feb 7:                Favourite thing in your bag

Friday, Feb 8:                     Favourite item in your house

Saturday, Feb 9:                 Favourite thing to play with

Sunday, Feb 10:                 Favourite thing to wear

Monday, Feb 11:                Favourite thing that makes you happy

Tuesday, Feb 12:               Favourite flowers

Wednesday, Feb 13:         Favourite object of desire

Thursday, Feb 14:             Someone you love

Friday, Feb 15:                  Favourite moment

Saturday, Feb 16:              Favourite place in Bendigo

Sunday, Feb 17:                 Favourite place to walk

Monday, Feb 18:               Favourite place to relax

Tuesday, Feb 19:              Favourite item that's square

Wednesday, Feb 20:        Something you see at noon

Thursday, Feb 21:             Favourite housemate photo

Friday, Feb 22:                  Favourite quote

Saturday, Feb 23:             Favourite vehicle to drive

Sunday, Feb 24:                Favourite thing to do on a Sunday

Monday, Feb 25:               What you do

Tuesday, Feb 26:              Something you miss

Wednesday, Feb 27:        Favourite pattern

Thursday, Feb 28:             Selfie


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