Both sides of politics should take a long look

Obviously those responsible for the setting of the “betting odds” on the candidates for the coming federal election are not locals. 

With Steve announcing his retirement from politics at the coming election, any semblance of local representation in Canberra began a spiralling wane.

As the end draws nigh, it is also now seen as fair play to make “cutting utterances”, regardless of the general hurt to those that might have kept him in clover for so long.

Labor certainly has some very strange ways of repaying years of support, with nothing more important than whatever it costs to be re-elected – and the necessary empty promises required to get there.

The irony of the “very obvious disregard for common decency”, is that the proposed opposition is not any better, especially if you draw a parallel through the Victorian example.

With nothing on the horizon, we desperately need leaders, and preferably long before the elections. 

Ray C Peebles,

May Reef


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