Gibbons’ ‘Invasion Day’ call to be commended

I support and commend Steve Gibbons MP for labelling Australia Day as Invasion Day (“MP tweets insulting”, Bendigo Advertiser, January 29, 2013).

 It is exactly that, as the 26th of January was the day Captain Phillip landed on Australia’s soil. On that day the colonial invasion of the Aboriginal nations began and still continues today.

Only when the Aboriginal nations are decolonised, their sovereignty acknowledged and a treaty of coexistence and co-operation signed will Australia stop being a colony. Only then will we, the non-indigenous Australians, no longer be colonisers and become entitled to celebrate with the indigenous peoples a true Australia Day on a mutually chosen date.

For more information see Beyond White Guild, The Real Challenge for Black-White Relations in Australia by Sarah Maddison; Aboriginal Sovereignty: Three Nations, One Australia by Henry Reynolds; and Recovery, the Politics of Aboriginal Reform by C.D. Rowley, especially pages 10, 11, 28, 106 and 112.

Stanislaw Pelczynski,



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