Not holding out hope for senator to give answers

Senator John Madigan is reported to have told the meeting about the proposed Baringhup community wind farm, “Most people I’ve spoken to who are hosts of wind turbines wished they never signed up for them” (“Baringhup wind farm closer”, by Josh Fagan, Bendigo Advertiser, January 24).

I would like to know the evidence for this statement.

I’ve visited wind farms in Germany and Australia and talked to many turbine hosts and other residents.

I’ve never met a host who had any misgivings.

Take the large 128-turbine Waubra wind farm for example.

I’ve been studying this wind farm for the past eight months.

In that time I’ve spoken at length to all the 27 turbine hosts in the area.

All are strong supporters of the wind farm, nearly all of them appear to be in robust good health (despite living and working very close to turbines) and those who have significant health problems do not blame them on the turbines. As none of them have gag clauses in their contracts, they feel totally free to speak out if they need to.

Waubra is not a perfect wind farm.

Some mistakes were certainly made during the pre-construction phase and two families have left their houses since the turbines started up.

However, given that all the turbine hosts and the great majority of the local population strongly support the wind farm, it’s not doing too badly.

So, Senator Madigan, please supply evidence for your extraordinary claim; I will be fascinated to see it.

But I won’t be holding my breath.

I’ve asked you questions before but never received a response.

Neil Barrett,



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