Local pools integral to community social fabric

I REFER to the letter by the YMCA’s Michael Bailey that was published on January 17, “Operating old pools isn’t in the public’s interest.”

Local pools are an integral part of the social fabric of community life.

Since when does the City of Greater Bendigo spokesman mean a bloke from the YMCA?

I believe the YMCA is contracted to manage local pools in Bendigo and Castlemaine. 

Therefore, you have a vested interest in taking the council’s line on this matter, don’t you?

Mega pools may be a great ego boost to the council and YMCA.

Having had the same set of circumstances in Castlemaine, the council will trot out all and sundry to try and give creditability to closing pools and building mega pools.

Being contracted to run the pools only, doesn’t give the YMCA – as an employee – a voice?

You, Mr Bailey – as a private citizen – are entitled to your opinion, but to use your position within the YMCA doesn’t.

The local people and other ratepayers need to be heard on this matter.

You and others may think I’m sticking my nose into matters that don’t concern me.

Well, I am sick and tired of government and local government telling the general public what is good for them. 

Local pools let people get to know who lives in their area thus creating community belonging, community spirit, pride, etc.

This is sadly being eroded by federal, state and local governments. 

So, Mr Bailey, your letter in the Bendigo Advertiser holds no water whatsoever. Let’s not forget the kids who learn to swim too.

PS: Labor candidate Lisa Chester, Councillor Peter Cox and Maree Edwards take up too much space in letters. If they have something to say let them pay for space.

The general public needs the space to voice their opinions. People’s opinions sell papers.




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