Greenkeeper’s secret to keeps birds at bay

THIS should be of interest to all curators of sports facilities.

Whilst greenkeeper at the Colbinabbin Bowls Club for many years I found the use of ferrous sulphate (iron) – either mono or hepta hydrate – to be a proven, cheap, user-friendly, non-toxic and long-lasting deterrent.

Dissolve five kilograms in hot water, add to 200-litre drum of water and spray the area of concern. This causes a taste too bitter for the birds.

The first nibble by one alerts the flock and they instantly will take off and not attack that particular area again for many years. They have long memories.

The dosage used was 5kg for a bowling green, 20kg for oval. 

A stronger application at this time of the year may “burn” the grass. 

If concerned use a higher dilution rate and the pump needs to be well rinsed afterwards.




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