Facebook page moderators tread thin line

Opinions differ on whether this “Bendigo hotties” Facebook site is acceptable.

Some people have drawn parallels with the Bendaz root rate page which landed two Bendigo men with jail sentences later reduced to community correction orders on appeal. Others see the content as just “harmless” fun. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – good or bad.

But while people are free to express thoughts on this Facebook site, it’s fact not opinion that shows the creators and moderators of this page are treading a “thin line”.

The Bendigo Advertiser has been contacted by the mothers of two girls who appear on the Facebook page.

The mothers claim both girls are underage and their pictures have been posted on the site without consent.

If these claims are true, suddenly this “harmless” fun could take a serious twist for those involved.

The law states: Non-sexual photos of persons under 16 may fit the definition of child pornography where they depict the young persons in an indecent sexual manner or context. Offences such as knowingly possessing child pornography, making it or transmitting it carry penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment. 

The law in Victoria also says anyone aged over 18 found guilty of possessing or sending child pornography must be registered as a sex offender.

The “thin line” relates to the website calling on people to rate these pictures which could easily be seen as depicting these underage girls in an indecent sexual context.

It is also illegal to use a carriage service to offend and publishing offensive material on an information network.

Few things to think about for those who see this page as a bit of harmless fun.


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