‘Pot shot’ calls on gun hand-in uncalled for

AMAZINGLY negative reaction to yesterday’s front page story detailing how Federal Member for Bendigo Steve Gibbons handed two of his unused guns into police.

Mr Gibbons called on others with “surplus” guns to do the same.

The story sparked a string of negative comments, mostly following the theme “I will do no such thing”.

Some people just took the opportunity for a “pot shot” at Mr Gibbons as has become the custom these days. Others took Mr Gibbons to task for handing in a .303 rifle which they deemed disrespectful given the heritage of that style of rifle in Australian war efforts.

Seriously? It’s a long bow indeed that Mr Gibbons has no respect for Australian war history or the country’s heritage because he handed in a .303 rifle.

Others couldn’t believe Mr Gibbons hadn’t sold the guns to a registered dealer to turn a profit. The fact Mr Gibbons did not sell these guns actually enhances his actions, doesn’t it?

What Mr Gibbons has done is a sensible and responsible thing. Both these guns were registered correctly, so no laws had been broken.But the guns had not been used for “25 to 30 years” and he had no further use for them.

So, instead of just leaving them lying about or giving them away, Mr Gibbons handed them to police who will dispose of them safely.

Mr Gibbons then simply used the opportunity to do the right thing and remind others that surplus guns could easily be disposed of through the police anytime.

Bendigo Police divisional firearms officer Leading Senior Constable Mark Wilkinson certainly welcomed Mr Gibbons’ decision and also urged others with surplus guns to follow his lead.

Makes sense.


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