Close call in Elmore

POLICE are investigating if a campfire left unattended that started a scrub and grass fire in Elmore early yesterday was lit on a total fire ban day.

Leading Senior Constable Dave Rowland said the fire burned two acres along the Campaspe River and was stopped just 100 metres short of a house in its path.

“It appears to have started from a campfire. Someone has been camping on the banks of the Campaspe River and has left the fire unattended or haven’t put it out properly. They’ve left and it’s caught alight,” he said.

Leading Senior Constable Rowland said a passer-by alerted emergency services to the fire between Childers and Wright streets just before 5am.

He said three CFA units had the fire under control by 5.45am.

“It’s a very steep location, so it was very difficult to fight because we had to park the tankers up on higher ground,” he said.

“Luckily we were able to pump out water from the mains in Elmore.”

 Leading Senior Constable Rowland said the fire station siren had alerted the owner of the home in the fire’s path to the danger.

“The siren went off and he heard the siren and discovered the house full of smoke,” he said.

“He arrived at the fire scene as we did.”

Leading Senior Constable Rowland said the incident was a timely reminder to people about the potential danger of campfires.

“If you have got a campfire don’t fall asleep beside it without putting it out or don’t leave it unless you are absolutely positive it is out,” he said.

Leading Senior Constable Rowland said anyone with information about the fire should call Elmore Police Station on 5432 6004.


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