Ducking and weaving is leading to global warming

Damian Drum’s letter  defending brown coal Bendigo Advertiser, Monday December 24, really reveals to us how lamentable LNP thinking and leadership is on measures to address global warming, climate change, advancing renewable energy sources and the furphy of clean coal technology.

As usual Damian’s (and LNP’s) yardstick is the economic factor “to make use of the enormous energy resources coal represents for us”.

Greg Bickley, Liberal candidate for Bendigo, refuses to declare his position on the science of climate change and you, Damian, cling to a furphy.

It is a fact that both Liberal, NP and ALP state and federal governments continue to subsidise brown coal usage. 

The current situation at Maules Creek in NSW is a typical example of where the NSW Liberal government has given the all-clear to an open pit brown coal mine and now only awaits federal environment minister Tony Burke’s approval and the ‘Front Line Action on Coal’ – a community based organisation – is campaigning to stop it.

It’s too hard for the major parties to decommission brown coal because of the cost factor.

Meanwhile our (the world’s) environment suffers. It’s the two big parties who do the real ducking and weaving, Damian. 

What about the consequences? I would call it sowing a wind and reaping a whirlwind.

Don’t the two big parties know that the top and bottom of the world is melting. The thawing of the Arctic permafrost is triggering the release of more greenhouse gases and it’s a vicious circle. 

The Antarctic melt rate is warming at twice former estimates – evidence of this is the melting of the $46 million Wilkins airport runway. 

We are heading for four to six degree higher temperatures and the big two pretend it’s not happening. Readers, the big two will only take action when we make them. 

Power to the people. The Greens have been warning us for years but denigrating them rather than facing the truth is the planned strategy.

The current hot/cold global temperature extremes and unpredictable weather behaviors are sounding us a “warming” bell and only the Greens offers us a viable pathway to the future.

Ray Wilson

Kangaroo Flat


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