Hot cross buns to be enjoyed, Easter or not

IT may be sacrilege to say this, but I think hot cross buns should be an all-year thing.

An unholy row has broken out between Coles and Woolworths and traditionalists after the supermarkets begun selling the Easter delicacy earlier than ever this year.

Some packs of spicy, fruity goodness, and their significantly inferior chocolate-flavoured bun counterparts, were already on Bendigo shelves before New Year’s Eve.

Hot cross buns are one of those divisive things; some people love them, some people absolutely hate them. 

It seems to really anger some people that they come out earlier and earlier each year. 

To some, it shows the ever-growing consumerism and commercialisation of holidays such as Easter. 

For others, it’s the alarming blurring of Easter and Christmas that really annoys them, as we don’t get a break from one series of festivities to the next.

But for people like me, hot cross buns are a delightful combination of fruit toast and soft bun; a true Easter delight.

They occupy a good section of your local supermarket for about a quarter of a year for a good reason – people have been desiring a specially-crossed bun since the end of Easter last April. 

To appease everyone and stop people getting all hot and cross about the buns, we should just extend their season to the full 12 months. 

– Eloise Johnstone, reporter


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