Golden Square pool was a special place for all

As a resident in Golden Square, I agree that we need our local pool in operation this summer so that everyone can cool down during the hottest period of the year.

This week the temperature is reaching up to 40 degrees, meaning residents, young and old, are boiling hot every second of the day.

But we cannot go to our local pool, can we? 

No, because it was closed by the City of Greater Bendigo.

That means we have to travel to the next closest pool, which is either the Kangaroo Flat Pool or the Bendigo Aquatic Centre.

The daily users of the Golden Square pool usually walked from their house to the pool, which meant they were exercising, 

but now they have to drive to a pool, which means more cars on the road and is not good for the air.

Both of these pools are busy every day and usually it is hard to even find a place to swim.

But at the Golden Square pool it is different.

It has a quiet, community-like feel to it that many people have come to like and enjoy.

At the Golden Square pool, there is enough room for everyone to do what they like, without disturbing or distracting any of the other users.

At the Golden Square pool, there is something for everyone – a small pool for the toddlers, a little pool for the kids, and a very nice average-sized pool for the teenagers and adults.

At the Golden Square pool, you can meet up with friends in a safe environment, and parents know where their kids are.

I once heard from a user at the pool a few years back that “this pool is one of the best kept secrets in Bendigo”.

This person is certainly correct.

We need to keep these public facilities open for the families of our community because one day there will be nothing left to keep you entertained on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Sam Kane

Golden Square


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