Chemical spill forces plant evacuation

More than half a tonne of chemicals have been spilled at an Amcor site in Preston, forcing workers to evacuate.

About 25 firefighters arrived at the Bell Street scene at about 2.30pm, where three different chemical products had been accidentally released. The chemicals were quickly contained but had already produced a gas that Metropolitan Fire Brigade commander Martin Braid said had the potential to be toxic when combined.

Commander Braid said the owners had acted quickly and there was no indication that any chemicals had gone into any waterways and impacted the community. A 20,000 tanker is expected to arrive at the scene soon to assist with recovery and clean up.

It is the second chemical spill in as many days, with more than 30 firefighters called to Ace Heat Treaters in Richmond on Wednesday after hydrochloric acid was accidentally mixed with hydrogen peroxide, creating a chlorine cloud in the factory.

The spill was contained within three and a half hours after firefighters arrived at the scene. About 25 workers from surrounding factories were evacuated and police blocked off River and Burnley streets from Bridge Road. Ace Heat Treaters employees had already been evacuated by the time emergency serviced had arrived at the scene.

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