Park users should be aware of council rules

In response to Stacey McCurdy’s letter of December 26, “Dog snobs need to grasp meaning of public places”, I felt that it would be appropriate and beneficial to draw people’s attention to the City of Greater Bendigo’s Code of Conduct that applies whenever Harcourt Park is being used.

We have such a beautiful space for our dogs and in order to keep/make it a safe and happy place for all concerned we, as dog owners, must take responsibility and follow this code.

The Dog Owners Code of Conduct for Harcourt Park is available on the council website:

When exercising your dog in Harcourt Park, dog owners must: 

- Remain within voice or hand control distance of your dog at all times and ensure the dog is within sight.

- Carry a bag or device to remove and dispose of any droppings left by your dog  (failure to do so may result in a fine being issued). 

- Not allow your dog off leash if it doesn’t respond to your recall. Stop your dog being a nuisance or aggressive towards other dogs, people or wildlife. 

- Remove your dog if it becomes aggressive. 

- Not allow your dog to interfere with the enjoyment of other people or dogs using the park. 

- All dogs using the park must be registered, microchipped and vaccinated.

- Carry a leash at all times and use as required. 

- Supervise children carefully and prevent them from shouting, teasing and chasing around dogs.

- Supervise no more than two dogs at one time.

Bitches in season should not use Harcourt Park while the area is being used by other dogs. 

Owners are encouraged to walk their dogs off leash away from paths.

Children under 14 should be supervised whenever dogs are in the park.

Important note: dog owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by them.

Lyn Wingrave,



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