What changes are ahead of us in the new year?

Will 2013 see Europe and the USA get their collective acts together, and ease the monetary problems faced by others?

Will that colourful Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi return in this year’s Italian election and seize back the leadership? 

Will Mr Turnbull learn from his first ill-fated attempt at crash through politics when he challenged Kevin Rudd over his $1500 rust bucket and some other pie-in-the-sky accusations supported by treasury official Godwin Grech, and sit silently and wait for his opportunity now that the 24/7 news cycle has been reduced to 60 seconds? 

Will Mr Abbott continue to say that he will turn back every boat, or be swamped by a wave of discontent within his own party? 

Will I receive a cheque in the mail from Barnaby Joyce for the overcharging of my legs of lamb? 

Will a Christmas card received from Whyalla be a forgery? 

Will James Ashby disappear from the limelight similar to Godwin Grech, both of whom conspired with others to bring down an Australian federal government, after his brief and his solicitor were thrown out of court, with Brough’s name mentioned no less than 100 times in the judge’s findings? 

Will a police investigation disclose who in the LNP is funding this gigantic bungle?

Will the opposition admit that while they have been questionless on issues affecting everyday Australians, more than 400 pieces of legislation have passed through the Parliament debunking their claim of the lack of progress of parliamentary proceedings?

Will ex-Victorian premier Jeff Kennett stop making hollow excuses in an effort to sugar-coat his federal leaders’ behaviour, and instead direct his advice to another leader in this state? 

Will  Andrew Bolt reconsider his comments indicating that anybody who believes in global warming is an idiot?

Will aspiring owners of Australia, its newspapers/television stations and spokeswoman on everything Gina Reinhardt – who recently released a statement from planet iron ore, launching a scathing attack on the Aussie battlers telling them to ease up on the turps and the pokies, and go and do some work for $2 an hour – see fit to reconsider her generous offer in the new year? 

Will Gina realise that, unlike her good self, we haven’t had a few iron ore mines dumped in our lap, and unlike the holes she is still digging, most of us are still trying to find a way to get out of our first big one, without much luck? 

Ken Price,



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