Respect must be shown in all areas of dog debate

I refer to Stacey McCurdy’s comment in the Bendigo Advertiser “Dog snobs need to grasp meaning of public places” (26 December, 2012). 

Stacey, am I right in assuming you and your dogs were in a public place? 

And the other dogs were also?

 Now your dogs and the other person’s dogs were all off their leads, correct?

Now was this an enclosed area for dogs to be allowed off their leads? 

If not, then both of your are at fault. 

Both of you have an obligation to the general public to keep your dogs on lead at all times, Stacey.

But if in a fenced-in, controlled enclosure, then both of you must respect each other’s right to have fun with your dog unmolested by other dogs or their owners. 

Respect must be shown on both sides. Stacey, why don’t you try it?

William Bayliss,



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