Cutting down native trees won’t fix the issue

I SHARE Ann Scott’s concern about the recent cutting of the old eucalypts at Lake Neangar, especially as it follows so closely the removal of the trees on the Lake Neangar’s island (Bendigo Advertiser, Saturday December 22).

 If falling branches were the reason, then it would have been much simpler and wiser to address this problem by shifting the picnic tables and pruning some of the branches, rather than by cutting the trees and thereby destroying the habitat for the native wildlife. 

We do not demolish our houses to solve such minor problems, nor do we cut the elms and other exotics, so why do we do it when it comes to our native trees? 

Like Ann, I wonder when we will learn that unlike the exotics, native trees are part of our life supporting natural environment? 

And when we finally do learn, hopefully it won’t be too late. 

Stanislaw Pelczynski Kennington 

Lake Neangar butchered by unnecessary tree cull

I MUST say I agree with Ann Scott’s letter about tree felling in Eaglehawk.

 Those majestic gums being removed (butchered, really) at Lake Neangar, why? The beauty of the lake and its surrounds is ruined.

 It will take years to bring that beauty back. No shade now in the summer. Absolute desecration. 

Is the council, with this wisdom, now going to do the same at Lake Weeroona? Surely there are more pressing matters for the workers such as the long grass in various areas with high fire danger now upon us. Bring back the Borough Council

Jan MacDonald



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