Driver’s stunt flies in the face of road safety

A PICTURE posted on a Melbourne media website of a P-plate driver travelling on a major city freeway with both legs hanging out the side window of his car caused quite a stir yesterday.

Shocked motorists took pictures of the driver on the Eastern Freeway about 7am on Christmas Eve.

Reading comments posted against the story, shock and anger were the dominant and understandable reactions.

Most readers expressed outrage that a young driver could be so irresponsible, particular during traditionally the most dangerous period on our roads.

But then people started to question the image.

Those who took time to analyse the picture started to question if the legs actually belonged to the driver or a passenger.

Some were convinced given the angle of the driver’s head, the legs could not be his. Makes little difference... if they were someone else’s legs the fact they were placed across the driver and out the window is just as irresponsible and dangerous.

Police were certainly left in no doubt – issuing a strong warning late in the day that they were aware of the driver’s identity and he had one day to turn himself in. Why a day? Shouldn’t they have gone around and thrown the book at him straight away?

If these were the driver’s legs and this is his attitude to road safety, surely he shouldn’t be given another minute with the privilege of a driver’s licence.

What this entire episode shows is that despite all the hard work that’s been done in changing driving attitudes, the battle is far from won.

But if you’ve been driving this Christmas, you probably already know that... bet you’ve seen some road stupidity for yourself. 


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