Bad behaviour not tolerated on our roads

TWO drink-drivers, one drug-driver and a L-plater driving under the influence of alcohol without an accompanying driver.

A motorcycle clocked travelling an incredibly alarming 74 kilometres above the speed limit.

The TAC’s Are You Impaired operation was only running for eight hours in Bendigo, from 11pm until 7am on Saturday night, but it managed to catch some worrying behaviour on our roads.

One woman blew 0.123, another tested positive for methamphetamine and the motorcycle caught doing 124 kilometres an hour in a 50 zone.

Incidents like this show us why the police need to be out in force on our roads this Christmas.

I at least feel a little bit relieved that driving around Bendigo this week, I’ve noticed a lot of police testing motorists for drugs and alcohol at all times of the days.

This highly visible presence should hopefully put people off thinking about driving if they have had a few too many to drink.

The fine, the suspended licence, and the shame of getting caught aren’t worth risking, not to mention the chance you could cause a serious accident.

Nine people in Australia died around Christmas last year. 

That’s nine families’ Christmases that were ruined, and always will be tainted, by crashes that sometimes are preventable.

That’s why initiatives like Are You Impaired and Victoria Police’s Operation Crossroads are so important. 

They are a constant deterrent for people who are considering doing the wrong thing, ensuring we all stay safe on our roads this Christmas.

– Eloise Johnstone, reporter


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