Mayan prediction falls on deaf ears

TODAY marks the end of the Mayan calendar and, according to some theories, the end of the world.

One betting company is even taking wagers on how the end will come, with the spread of a new incurable virus at $21, alien invasion at $501 and being eaten alive by zombies at $1001. 

But the Advertiser couldn’t find anyone in Bendigo who believed the doomsday prediction, and Aussie Disposals staff member Jared Reilly said there hadn’t been any extra sales for survivalist gear or long-life food.

The overwhelming majority of people believe things will continue as usual. 

But several residents said while the world won’t end, there will be a change. 

Stewart Govett, who is slowly becoming self sufficient, said the world’s economy could fail and said he was concerned about increased solar activity. 

“There is something to (the Mayan prophecy) but it’s been completely misrepresented,” he said. 

“The number-one story is the economic system is coming to an end. 

“But that doesn’t mean the end of the world.”

Mr Govett’s partner Jess Righton said the doomsday theory was ridiculous. 

“I think it’s more like a new beginning for humanity, but nothing too dramatic,” she said. 

“We’re going to have to go through some bad change to get some good things.” 

Cordelia Aiello-Green said there would be a change in people’s thinking and a spiritual shift. 

“The world is changing ... we’re destroying it a lot,” she said. “If humans attack the earth and the world too much it is going to say it’s had enough.

“We dig too many holes and we disrupt the flow of the way the world should run at a natural pace.”

Most people said they weren’t worried. 

Forrest Concrete Constructions owner Peter Forrest said he hadn’t supplied any fire bunkers for people concerned by the prophecy and the Advertiser’s Facebook page was flooded with comments from people sceptical about the predictions. 

Vanessa Conroy said she had survived many doomsday predictions, and expected to live through this one. “We’ve heard it all before,” she said. 

Stewart Govett says the Mayan prophecy has been misinterpreted.

Stewart Govett says the Mayan prophecy has been misinterpreted.


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