Phoebe's Road Trip to End Poverty

 BENDIGO student Phoebe Robinson-Dunn wants make a difference in the world. 

The 21-year-old is set to take part in next year’s Road Trip to End Poverty, an initiative that brings together like-minded young people who are campaigning to end extreme poverty around the world. 

Miss Robinson-Dunn said the road trip would begin on March 9, travelling to schools and universities in a bid to get more people aware of the issues facing people in third world countries. 

Throughout the Road Trip, Miss Robinson-Dunn will also ask people to sign a petition to help get the message across. 

She said the Road Trip was about influencing the Australian government to send more money to Third World countries. 

“We are going on this road trip to get some signatures and hopefully along the way we can get some donations as well,” Miss Robinson-Dunn said. 

The nursing student said she first got interested in the road trip after travelling to East Timor in 2010. 

She said it was an eye-opening experience. 

“I was interested in all the health side of things as I wanted to study nursing so I went to the malnutrition centre,” she said. 

“I was just gobsmacked to see what they were living on, and they were happy.

“Then I came home back to a mansion and was like, ‘I need to do something’.”

Miss Robinson-Dunn said when she visited East Timor she had brought toys and educational material for the kids to enjoy. 

“One of the memorable things from the trip was of this little kid, he made a toy out of a bottle that had rolled up on the beach and it would have come from Australia,” she said. 

“It was just a sprite bottle and he had put rocks on either side and he tied a string to it and it was his little mouse. 

“I thought to myself, ‘I can buy a toy for you back in Australia for $2’.”

Miss Robinson-Dunn is now trying to raise the $395 needed for her road-trip ticket. 

She said she was going to try and raise the money, and if anyone wanted help support her to email

Inspired: Phoebe Robinson-Dunn is taking part in the Road Trip to End Poverty initiative.

Inspired: Phoebe Robinson-Dunn is taking part in the Road Trip to End Poverty initiative.


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