Community generosity helping families in need

Golden Square Kindergarten has been the recipient of the community’s generosity on many occasions, including earlier in the year, when we received a new shed from Grays Shipping Containers when ours was stolen.

Community organisations and individuals support us in many and varied ways, such as police, fireman and ambulance visits.

However, this year the children’s interest in the Para- lympic games resulted in lots of discussion on how people learn when their bodies do not work like ours.

This led to how we use iPads with children to help them communicate and develop numeracy and literacy skills. 

From these discussions we decided that we would collect five cent pieces and put them towards an iPad for someone in our community. 

We contacted Jacqui Righetti who runs the ‘Turn a Life Around’ Campaign and she used the money raised to purchase iPads for families who have a child with autism spectrum disorder and who have limited means. 

In a matter of weeks we had so many five cent pieces we had to use a wheel barrow to cart them to the bank.

 With 9000 five cent pieces we had enough to buy our first iPad. 

With more five cent coins coming in and selling cards made by the children, it was decided to go for a second iPad.

Then, through Bec Kelly – a mother of one of our kinder children – who comperes the “Real People ASD” talk radio program Saturday mornings on Phoenix Radio – the word of our project went out.

Then we received word that a caller on Phoenix would donate the rest of the money for the second iPad.

From here we have collected donations for four more iPads and covers from individuals and businesses in our community. 

Who could imagine that kinder children’s interest and a simple plan could inspire such community generosity.

We will be presenting these iPads to the recipients at our end of year concert.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this endeavour.

Next year we will continue to collect five cent pieces and the kinder children and their families will decide on a project that we can support in our community.

Carol O’Bree, director, Golden Square Kindergarten


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