Road safety warning delivers timely message

POLICE have issued their annual Christmas road safety warning.

Heading into one of the most dangerous periods on our roads, we can only hope people take heed.

The picture on the front page today is a good news story in the fact a broken jaw was the most serious injury among the five passengers who escaped the 4WD wreckage.  Looking at the image, it’s amazing anyone survived.

The reality is road safety comes down to people making good and bad decisions.

Last week we told the story of a person driving along Sternberg Street with their head buried in a cereal bowl as they finished breakfast. Such a careless action delivers so many “what if” scenarios.

On Monday, just out of Dunolly, a person holding their mobile phone up in front of their face to get a better view of the screen wandered across double lines before realising just in time to swing back to the safety away from the oncoming car.

Amazingly, this event happened on a sweeping bend of highway at the start of a short rise to some railway tracks on the west side of the town. Could this driver have picked a worse place? 

Thankfully, this lapse in judgement had no repercussions. But does such a near miss make them stop or simply encourage them more because they got away with it?

Should they continue with such behaviour one day they will pay a price – let’s hope that’s only a police infringement notice.

But not everyone makes bad decisions. You often see drivers stopped on the side of the road talking on their phones and it’s these people who do the right thing. 

How sad not everyone follows their lead.


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