Damian Drum is out of step with his electorate

Bendigo Liberal National government representative Damian Drum is clearly unprepared to stand up for our community against his government’s cuts. 

Why else would he attack the messenger? (“Bendigo electorate misinformed by Labor” November 6, 2012).

Lets start with the issue of jobs. Jobs have been lost in Bendigo as a result of the cuts to the public service by the Baillieu Liberal National government.

The local media has already reported the 100 jobs gone from the Bendigo office of the Education Department.

The CFA budget has been cut by $41 million. 

This is stopping CFA volunteers from being trained and getting the equipment they need. And making their job harder to protect the community during this fire season.

Has Mr Drum stood up for Bendigo TAFE against his government’s $9 million annual cuts to the TAFE budget? No. He has instead described them as necessary. 

Has Mr Drum gone to his government’s roads minister to support the local push to improve safety on the Elmore-Raywood road? No. 

He said he would not get involved.

Mr Drum is happy to cut ribbons on projects started and supported by the previous Labor government. Yet he won’t do all of his job and stand up for Bendigo against his government’s bad decisions.

Maree Edwards and I will stand up and represent our community against the cuts and failures of the Baillieu Liberal National government.

Jacinta Allan MP,

member for Bendigo East


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