Fires costly for all during danger period  

BENDIGO and surrounding areas have already experienced plenty of fires despite summer being less than two weeks’ old. 

Thankfully, most incidents have been minor and brought under control quite quickly. 

But it’s still early days and people should remain vigilant. 

Police responded to two fires believed to be deliberately lit on Saturday, a day of total fire ban. 

To say this is unacceptable is an understatement. 

People spend countless hours ensuring we are well-placed to mitigate the chances of fire starting and lessen their impact when they do occur. 

Families are encouraged to practise their fire management plans and home owners are encouraged to reduce their fuel loads in the lead up to the danger period. 

The government spends millions of dollars educating people in person and through advertisements about the risk of fire and what to do in an emergency. 

And laws brought in since Black Saturday aim to lessen the chances of us experiencing such an event again. 

All that hard work goes out the door when people light fires. Not only is it stupid, it’s often deadly. 

A small spark can spread quickly during dry, hot and windy days, putting thousands of lives and properties at risk. 

It’s worrying when people choose to inflict such danger upon people with such thoughtless actions. 

Let’s hope we don’t see any more deliberately lit fires this summer.


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