'Penis cam' DJ says prank went too far

The Canberra shock jock who caused national outrage with remarks about 'up-skirting' the Prime Minister with a 'penis cam' says Australian radio DJs who prank called the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated went too far.

The nurse who took the call of the DJs asking questions about the Duchess’s health is understood to have killed herself.

Former 2CC radio presenter Jorian Gardner said 2DAY FM presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian should be sacked, but urged their employer to offer them counseling.

Mr Gardner said he had become depressed after his own public humiliation and vilification.
‘‘I have sympathy for the hosts- they obviously could never foresee that something like this would happen, but I think prank calls are a risky business in radio,’’ he said.

‘‘Prank calls can cause a great deal of embarrassment to someone ... I wouldn’t do it at a party or at a bar or at a restaurant - why would I do it on air? Quite frankly I think they will have to cop the consequences, which is being sacked.’’

While on-air for his former employer Radio 2CC Mr Gardner suggested that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should wear a ‘‘penis cam’’ during cabinet meetings so that he could film up the skirt of Ms Gillard.

He was banned from the airwaves for two weeks and said the incident caused him to reassess  his career. ‘‘I imagine those two want to crawl in to a hole. It’s no wonder they have turned off their facebook and twitter accounts. It’s a distressing time because I’m sure they aren’t bad people, I don’t think I’m a bad person either, it’s how the public interprets what you’ve done. I felt so bad when I embarrassed myself and my station and they’ve got the death of someone.’’

Mr Gardner said posts on facebook and twitter blaming the pair for the nurses death were going too far.
‘‘They themselves need to be looked after, because this could turn even more tragic if they are not properly looked after in terms of being vilified  for the next little while. I think blaming them for her death is going a step too far, there is obviously no doubt they have been a contributing factor through their stupid prank,’’ he said.

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