Down the mall: Bride issues SOS for veil

A BENDIGO bride has put out an SOS for community help to find her missing wedding veil.

Jacqueline Ferris and husband Dominic Wierzbicki were having wedding photos taken at Sacred Heart Cathedral when a sudden gust of wind sucked the veil from her head and into the air above Short Street.

Wedding photographer Terri Basten captured the incident.

Jacqueline and Dominic have headed to Thailand for their honeymoon but the bride's mother Chris Ferris has been searching the area for the veil with no success.

''It was a blustery day but this one gust was stronger than all the others,'' she said.

''It sucked the veil right off her head.

''It went very, very high into the air above Short Street and it just didn't come down.

''People ran down into Forest Street but they don't know if it ever come down.

''I've even looked in all the trees in Rosalind Park - I thought it might have got caught. But no, it's not there.''

Ms Ferris said she hoped someone had found the veil.

''If someone found it, could it be returned to Terry, or dropped into the cathedral office in Short Street... we would appreciate that very much. We would love to get it back,'' she said.

Random act of kindness

An elderly Golden Square resident has contacted Down The Mall to share a random act of kindness that meant a lot to her.

The resident stopped at the Woolworth's petrol station in High Street, Golden Square, this week but couldn't get the petrol cap on her car open.

She kindly asked a young man pulled up next to her for help to open the cap.

The young man got the fuel cap open and the Golden Square resident filled her tank with petrol.

She then went inside to fix up the bill for pump number seven only to find the young man had already paid for her petrol and disappeared.

She was so thankful for the young man's generosity and asked Down The Mall to tell her story in the hope he would read it and know how much his gracious act meant.

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GOING: A gust of wind grabs Jacqueline Ferris' wedding veil. Picture: TERRI BASTEN

GOING: A gust of wind grabs Jacqueline Ferris' wedding veil. Picture: TERRI BASTEN