Stop blaming, start working for a solution

RESPONSIBILITY – a single word with a heavy meaning.

It must be heavy because this week it seems the meaning has been dropped a little.

Take the drive to work yesterday.

For a while I followed a car driven by a person who never took the mobile phone from her ear. No responsibility there.

A few minutes later in Sternberg Street the driver of a white van buried his face in a breakfast cereal bowl as he continued to trundle along the road. Absolutely no responsibility there.

The rest of the day delivered more “blame game” on the cuts to the Bendigo Health budget. No responsibility there, either.

By day’s end one politician had grown tired of kicking the political footy around and turned to personal insults against a party rival that we won’t even bother giving the time of day in this newspaper.

People have grown tired of this type of politics.

What this community surely wants to see is a united front for the good of the cause. That cause is important and while Steve Gibbons labelled media coverage “a beat-up” yesterday, we all know it’s far beyond that.

This is a serious issue for our community and our health service.

Our politicians have had a good go at scoring points and would now be best served putting the blame game aside and working for a solution.

What’s more, how about keeping the community informed on the progress of that solution.

It’s clear the $2.9 million that must come out of the Bendigo Health budget is going to have major ramifications.

The only focus now should be to limit the damage those ramifications will cause. We are talking about people here and that should demand total care.


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