Toys crushed in pre-Christmas blitz

More than 11,000 dangerous children's toys have been crushed to pieces following a pre-Christmas blitz on retailers, wholesalers and importers by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The toys were seized after 987 traders across the state were inspected.

The toys posed a variety of risks, including small parts that could choke a child and projectiles that could cause serious eye injuries.

They included:

  • Toys for children under three years old which can break into small parts and present a choking hazard.
  • Projectile toys, including guns, bows and arrows, which can injure children's eyes.
  • Yo-yo rubber balls – often in bright colours and with flashing lights – which have a long elastic cord that is a strangulation hazard.
  • Powerful magnets that when swallowed can cause injury and death.

Suppliers who sell unsafe toys can be fined – $220,000 for individuals and $1.1 million for a body corporate.

"Under Victorian law there are very strict safety standards to ensure that dangerous toys do not make it to the shelves and are kept away from kids," said Consumer Affairs Minister Michael O'Brien.

"Toys that risk our children's health and wellbeing must be permanently removed from the market place.

"Some traders still have not got the message that the sale of any unsafe products will not be tolerated."

The haul of illegal toys included thousands ordered destroyed by the melbourne Magistrates Court as a result of proceedings.

The toys were placed in an industrial crusher on Thursday and destroyed.

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