Jetstar alerts customers to hoax emails

JETSTAR has warned customers about scam emails featuring fake itineraries that may contain a computer virus.

The airline said on its Facebook page that some people had reported receiving the fake itineraries and warned customers not to open any attachments on the emails. The emails have the subject line ''Jetstar Flight Itinerary''.

One man who had received the email said it had ''all sorts of things wrong with it'' but that it ''had the right layout and pictures as per my real itinerary''.

He said the fact that it had the wrong booking number and wrong email address was a giveaway that it wasn't real.

Another passenger complained that she had been taken in by the email but had been saved by anti-virus software.

The airline advised passengers that its itineraries are no longer sent as PDF attachments and are now contained in the body of its emails. ''We have reported this to [the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website] SCAMwatch and will keep you updated as we learn more about this scam,'' the airline said. said malware in the emails could steal personal information and that other airlines had been targeted by the scam in recent months.

This story Jetstar alerts customers to hoax emails first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.