Inglewood pair 'held at gunpoint' 

A MAN and a woman were allegedly held at gunpoint for two hours during a domestic dispute in Kingower, west of Inglewood, on Saturday.

Detective Senior Constable Steve Atkinson said a man entered the victims’ home via the back door in the early hours of the morning.

“He brought a tomahawk and a sawn-off shotgun,” Detective Senior Constable  Atkinson said.

“He held a male and female victim in that address for about two hours.

“Eventually there was a struggle between the male and the accused where the accused was locked outside.

“The victim then used a firearm brought in by the accused as a warning shot to get him to go away.”

Detective Senior Constable  Atkinson said the incident was a “domestic-related dispute” and the alleged offender knew the victims. 

He said a 30-year-old Inglewood man was later arrested following a police investigation.

The man was questioned yesterday and faced a bail justice yesterday evening where it was expected he would be remanded overnight.

He faces a long list of charges including aggravated burglary, false imprisonment, weapons offences, assault, driving offences and firearms offences.

Detective Senior Constable  Atkinson said it was expected the man would face Bendigo Magistrates Court today, where he could make a further bail application.

He said no one was injured in the incident and police recovered all the weapons involved.