Navy base robbery suspects may have naval links: police

POLICE suspect the people behind a brazen robbery at a Darwin navy base this week have naval links.

And there are expected to be further arrests over the theft of more than a dozen high-powered weapons early on Friday morning.

On Saturday police surrounded a city apartment in the Northern Territory capital, arresting a 40-year-old man and recovering the weapons. Police said he had tried to run away before being caught.

The arrest followed a brazen robbery at a navy patrol boat moored at HMAS Coonawarra early on Friday morning, in which a dozen semi-automatic pistols and two pump-action shotguns were stolen.

During the attack, a man wearing military attire and a balaclava overpowered and tied up a young sailor with cable ties. The sailor was unhurt.

Police Commander Richard Bryson said police believed several people were involved in the attack.

"Police are still trying to establish at this point in time whether or not this person has received the weapons shortly after the commission ... or in fact [if the man is] one of the principal offenders," he said on Sunday.

"Investigators will continue those investigations until all persons that had a hand in that conspiracy have been brought to justice," he said.

Commander Bryson said the investigation would also consider links between the suspects and the naval base.

"We're still inquiring into the backgrounds of the individual concerned, and what their connection may be with the relevant considerations as to the base and the motivations for the offender.''

Navy chief Vice Admiral Ray Griggs has ordered a security review of all naval bases.

"The young sailor concerned who was on duty at the time is okay, he's being looked after and that was obviously one of my primary concerns.

''There is, as I said, an investigation underway from the police perspective, but I've also initiated a review of security on board our ships and establishments this morning."

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