Bendigo owners urged to watch pets as weather warms up

ANIMAL owners are being urged to look after their animals as the weather heats up.

Eaglehawk’s Passionate Vetcare veterinarian Kellie Anset said the smaller the animal, the more they felt the heat.

“Rabbits and guinea pigs particularly need to be looked after,” she said.

Ms Anset said putting bottles of ice into pet’s cages was a good way to protect them from the heat.

She suggested putting ice blocks into drinking bowls for bigger pets such as dogs.

Pet owners could also go as far as setting up a clam swimming pool with water and ice.

“Some people will also put some dry food into the ice bowl so they have a treat while they’re cooling down,” Ms Anset said.

She said it was important to have dogs clipped before the hotter weather really set in.

“For really extreme days, 38 and above, it would be the best if you could leave them inside and with air-conditioning on.

“Plus the normal things like making sure there is plenty of water and shade and never leaving them in the car.”

Other ideas include exercising animals during the cooler times of the day and always carrying water and a foldable water bowl when on walks and hikes with your dog.

Some vets also recommend putting non-zinc sunscreen on animal’s noses as their nose is very susceptible to sunburn. 

ADVICE: Dr Kellie Anset. Picture: PETER WEAVING

ADVICE: Dr Kellie Anset. Picture: PETER WEAVING


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