Lapthorne wins A-grade criterium 

A NATIONAL champion on the road, Darren Lapthorne was victorious in the Skoda-backed A-grade criterium run by the Bendigo and District Cycling Club on Sunday at the Mayfair Park circuit in East Bendigo.

The opening round of the Cafe Roubaix and Symes Motors criterium series drew 65 competitors racing across four grades.

Lapthorne beat 15 rivals in the 60-minute and three-lap contest for A-grade.

In a great battle, two cyclists who have spent a fair amount of time racing in Europe, Lapthorne and Zak Dempster achieved a one-two result. The Ronde Socks-sponsored B-grade criterium drew 29 starters.

Nic Gates beat Martin Banfield at the end of the 45-minute and three-lap contest. The Hume & Iser-backed C-grade race was won by Mat Runnalls, while Steve Abbott triumphed in the Tweed Sutherland Real Estate-backed D-grade event.

Marshalls for this Sunday’s criteriums at Mayfair Park starting at 8.40pm are Phillip Bone, Martin Banfield and Luke Knox. Marshalls to report to club official at start line by 8.25am.

Starting times are D-grade at 8.40am, C-grade at 9am, B-grade at 9.30am, and A-grade at 10.15am.

The canteen roster for Saturday night’s Central Kitchens 1600 metre wheelrace at the Tom Flood Sports Centre is E. Hauler, B. McCallum and T. Abbisogni.

Results from Sunday’s criteriums:

D-grade, 20 minutes and three laps: Steve Abbott, Mark Green, Dave Collier, Terry Medcalf and Trevor Poole. C-grade, 30 minutes and three laps: Mat Runnals, Chris Lightfoot, Steve Flood, Daniel Jackson, Neil Blakeley, Steve Spencer, Craig Halliday, Emma Jackson, Max Kettle and Cameron Bain.

B-grade, 45 minutes and three laps: Nic Gates, Martin Banfield, Charlie Fitzpatrick, Sean Penno, Dean McNamara, Ewan Hauler, Terry Schintler, Warwick McGhee, Rob Pendergast, Dion Jelbart.

A-grade, 60 minutes and three laps: Darren Lapthorne, Zak Dempster, Sam Crome, Robbie Hucker, Luke Knox, Tim Hucker, Tony Fitzpatrick, Jared Hartley, Brenton Slotegraaf and Andrew Pascoe.

Sprint 1: Tim Hucker, Todd Schintler, Brenton Slotegraaf.

Sprint 2: Peter Ladd, Robbie Hucker, Luke Knox.

Victorious: Darren Lapthorne at the Tom Flood Centre. Picture: Brendan McCarthy

Victorious: Darren Lapthorne at the Tom Flood Centre. Picture: Brendan McCarthy


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