Internet fads can be recipes for disaster 

The latest social media fads doing the rounds are fascinating.

One fascinatingly stupid and the other fascinatingly bizarre. The stupid one involves people climbing over the edge of cliffs to have their photo taken.

Samantha Busch had her boyfriend take a picture of her seemingly hanging off the edge of the Grand Canyon because her mother had been worried about her visiting the famous natural landmark.

She was standing on a ledge at the time.

The picture went viral on social media and now copycat pictures are springing up with people in similar positions.

One wonders how long before one of these “pranks” turns to tragedy.

Not that long ago, “planking” was the in-thing, with people taking pictures of themselves lying flat in all sorts of weird places.

Some were dangerous and there was even a case in Bendigo of a picture of  teenager planking on the side of the multi-storey car park in Hargreaves Street – one slip away from some harmless fun turning into a tragedy.

Thankfully, planking has run its race. But something was always going to take its place and judging by media reports this week, the latest fad involves people standing in big, green wheelie bins pouring milk over their heads.

Well, at least it’s not dangerous. Silly, definitely. But no one is going to get hurt this time around.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for tourists climbing over cliff edges for the sake of a great picture.

Samantha Busch’s picture is great – one for the wall.

But did she, or anyone else who has followed her lead since actually stop for a minute to think of the possible ramifications? Let’s hope this fad goes as quickly as planking.


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