Only Gillard’s Labor wants to increase GST 

Ken Price has done us a favour with his letter (“It is not realistic that the Coalition will repeal taxes” in yesterday’s Bendigo Advertiser) and revealed the true extent of the federal Labor government’s debt and deceit.

Only the Labor Party is talking about lifting the rate of GST.

It’s desperate for new tax money because despite record earnings it can’t control its wasteful spending and has sent Australia broke. Labor’s mining tax was so badly designed it didn’t raise a single dollar.

But that didn’t stop Wayne Swan.

He just spent the money he thought he’d raise and when as predicted his tax failed, he just borrowed another few billion to cover his mistake.

Not only has the tax failed to raise a single dollar, because it’s such an amateurish job the federal government will owe billions in royalty offsets to the mining companies it targeted.

A tax that raises nothing won’t be missed when it’s repealed.

We were told the only reason Gillard broke her promise “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” was because Labor and the Greens wanted to save the planet, but Mr Price’s letter reveals it was never about the planet and always about a greedy grab for our cash.

Industries and institutions listed by Labor as so-called “big polluters” are carbon taxed, they put up their prices to cover their increased cost, and then Labor money-go-rounds its carbon tax dollars to try  to compensate us for the higher prices its tax caused in the first place.

It will take a single vote in the House of Representatives and in the Senate to repeal this nonsense and end Labor’s silly cash roundabout.

There will be no carbon tax under a Coalition government despite Labor’s attempts to deceive us again.

Labor’s debt stands today at $253 billion, or 401 new Bendigo hospitals.

Labor borrowed another 

$2.2 billion last week so its interest bill is now $15 billion a year – the cost of 23 new Bendigo hospitals.

Can Labor ever be weaned off its addiction to borrowing and spending money we don’t have?

It took 10 years to pay back Labor’s last grand debt of 

$90 billion in boom times.

With “continuing problems in the US and Europe”, will we ever be able to pay back Labor’s new threat to our future?

Peter Wiseman,



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