Chewton Monster project needs community support

The Chewton Monster Meeting Project needs your support. 

This is an exciting and innovative community arts-history project. It tells an unknown story of Australians fighting for their rights – the democratic rights we still have today. We can be proud that the seeds of democracy in Australia started to germinate in our region. 

The Chewton Monster Meeting of gold diggers and the Red Ribbon movement in Bendigo over 150 years ago sparked the beginnings of democracy. The Eureka Stockade followed a few years later and, in 1857, the right to vote in Victoria was granted to all male British subjects over the age of 21.

It’s as true today as it was back then. Democracy and the election of a representative government is more than helium balloons for the kids and glossy leaflets in our mail boxes. It is how we choose our representatives who will best govern and deliver on our community’s priorities, such as job security, healthcare and education – now and into the future. 

Those who are elected to represent our community must engage, listen and be a strong voice in parliament. As the Labor endorsed candidate for Bendigo, I have and will continue to engage, actively listen and share ideas on how we can build a stronger and fairer community. 

Find out how you can support the Chewton Monster Meeting project at

Lisa Chesters,

Labor candidate for Bendigo


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