Supercar kerb hopping shouldn’t be allowed 

I love motorsport and enjoy watching most categories.

Perhaps it is just me, but I wonder if others too are disappointed lately with the behaviour of drivers of V8 Supercars. 

I refer to, in particular, the practice of kerb hopping. I am led to believe the race directors/stewards have agreed to allow 50 per cent of the vehicle to be over the kerb without penalty. 

Why? I realise this may add to the “show” for spectators/media, but should it be allowed to continue?

The intended racing surface should be the ONLY racing surface, the kerb inside the corner apex should not be included. 

If the drivers cannot competitively negotiate the lap of the racing surface without kerb hopping, they are obviously driving faster than the track allows or they are cheating. 

Worst example of late was Abu Dabi where on some corners the “racing surface” was a full car width inside the apex or a good part of the lovely expanse of concrete at the exit of turns. 

The drivers must love that venue. Street circuit chicanes are a joke with some of them almost straight-lined. 

Shock absorber companies are doing a marvellous job developing units to handle the extra workload. If kerb hopping is not addressed perhaps venue operators could be paid to eliminate most kerbs, then Supercars could run on two long straights joined by two fast corners.

Sorry, then they would be Nascars.

Roger Hall, 

Myers Flat


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