Heritage buildings razed simply to make a buck

Our house backs on to Little Breen Street so I was disappointed to hear that yet another heritage property is to be knocked down to allow a couple of flats to be built.

When one of the councillors representing our ward, who also happens to be a real estate agent, makes a comment like “it doesn’t make sense to have a building that’s totally wrecked inside”, I ask the question:

Did the Ruffells buy it in that condition or did they let it deteriorate?

And for Martin Ruffell to make some inane comment about the railyards being “ugly” – that simply suggests complete ignorance of what is important and unique about this part of town.

It’s the same kind of thinking that almost saw a motorway put through the heart of Quarry Hill a year ago.

It looks like yet another example of people destroying heritage homes and streetscapes purely to make a buck!

Let’s be honest here; these people have no altruistic motives.

Council staff obviously objected. I think they should persist.

John Morton,

Quarry Hill


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