Let’s hope for a swift inquiry

RICKY Nixon broke his silence on the Dakota Duke fund-raising event yesterday to put his side of the story.

That’s what people wanted to hear.

It’s a shame Mr Nixon didn’t offer his version of events when the story was first published, but that was his decision.

The Bendigo Advertiser hopes police investigating this matter take up Mr Nixon’s offer for a formal interview.

It’s heartening to see Mr Nixon offer that and the promise of his full co-operation.

This isn’t about singling out Mr Nixon, it’s part of the process. Police must interview everyone associated with the organisation of this charity event because that’s the only way the matter can be clarified.

The aim of the police investigation should be to find the money that has not yet been paid to the Duke family.

The valid point Mr Nixon made in his statement yesterday surrounds the welfare of Dakota herself.

He’s right in saying this whole matter runs the risk of making Dakota suffer further.

But isn’t that why it’s so important to acheive a quick conclusion to this matter?

The one unanswered question remains: where is the missing money pledged in good faith by people wanting to help Dakota and her family through this terrible ordeal?

Yet for all the headlines and words this story has created, it frustratingly appears the answer to that question is no closer.

The best chance of that much-needed outcome is the official police investigation which has now been placed in the hands of Melbourne detectives.

Discovering the whereabouts of this money is the conclusion to this matter we want to see. Let’s hope such an ending comes sooner rather than later.


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