Abbott could take some lessons from Turnbull

Mr Wiseman’s claims of “airily announced policies” were simply breathtaking considering the changing of positions by Abbott. 

Does anybody have any idea what he stands for? Does his own party know what he stands for?

As for “false hopes,” Tony Abbott has been down mine shafts and in smoko rooms around Australia, telling everybody that Australia is doomed, Whyalla will disappear off the Australian landscape, the billionaire mining companies should not contribute to our nation, just to their overseas constituents. 

How long have we been hearing from the opposition that the mining boom is finished?

I don’t recall any of them pulling up stumps and leaving the country. Don’t tell me they are simply staying here to trade at a loss, Mr Wiseman. 

Australia’s debt to GDP is 5  per cent, America for example, is 100 per cent. My opinion of Mr Turnbull is because of his demeanour, manners, and his ability to communicate to people of all standings in a civilised manner, something Mr Abbott could learn a thing or two about – an opinion the majority of the Australian people actually agree with. 


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