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About Network Nursing Agency

Originally established in 1997, Network Nursing Agency (NNA) started out as a family run business with our agency seeking to provide a service to the community by ensuring that the patients of New South Wales busiest hospitals and healthcare clinics could always rest assured that they would receive an outstanding level of care during their most difficult times.

Our agency also realised the significant need to support these dedicated hospitals and clinics in getting more assistance during busy periods or when they were short staffed, while at the same time providing Australia’s hard-working nurses and midwives with the opportunity to achieve a better work life balance while still receiving a terrific rate of pay.

This was the beginning of NNA, over 20 years later the brand still lives on strong and is still a family run business. That is why nurses and midwives love it so much. NNA keeps a personal touch with their staff and is still large enough to provide an abundant and variety of shifts across Sydney.

Our mission which we still stand by is to provide professional high quality, cost effective nursing care with compassion and integrity. At NNA we believe that “every life matters”. Care is at the centre of everything we do!

At NNA, we are proud to have a multitude of diverse staff. We believe to thrive in the workplace each person must feel included and valued. NNA consistently works towards maintaining a culture of inclusiveness that encourages and supports all people to achieve their best. We believe having a diversity of office staff and nurses contributes to us providing the best quality care for all patients in every healthcare setting.

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