Army gives picture of life in the Middle East

Since enlisting in 1999, Tara Gleeson has taken more than 30,000 photos while travelling with the Australian army. 

Sergeant Gleeson’s army job is in administration – but it has also enabled her to indulge in her photography hobby.

 “I enlisted in the operation administrative force, which is basically a clerical trade,” Sergeant Gleeson said. 

“What I do is what you would call HR in Australia. 

“I basically manage soldiers, I make sure all their pay is right all the admin is fine, and make sure all their leave and holidays are right.”

But it is not all about the administrative work.

When she was posted to the Middle East, her army travels allowed her to take pictures of aircraft, ceremonies and the everyday life of an Australian soldier serving overseas. 

“I first went to Egypt in 2008,” she said. “I was 15 kilometres south west of Gaza. It was hot.”

Sergeant Gleeson joined the army for the adventure and said she was enjoying what she had done so far. 

“I am a full-time soldier and I was originally from south-east Queensland and have travelled across the country,” she said. 

“Every two years you get posted to a new place and I have been in Bendigo for a few years now.”

Sergeant Gleeson said Remembrance Day was an important day to commemorate every year. 

“For me it means remembering all the people who have a similar role to me and who are currently serving members,” she said. 

“It is also about remembering my family... my father has served, my uncle... it goes all the way through my family.”

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