Proud daughter honours war hero

THE lives of Bendigo’s war heroes will be commemorated at the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Muar Road.More than 40 Bendigo men fought with the 2/29 battalion at Muar Road, Malaya, between January 15 and January 21, 1942.The battalion was heavily outnumbered by Japanese troops and more than 300 men were killed.Ironbark’s Marg Hogan will be among family members that will honour the battle’s remaining soldiers at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance on January 22.Her father, Sergeant Victor Wedlick DCM, was among the Bendigo men that returned home from the gruesome battle.“Dad never talked about it much,” she said.“None of them did.”Ms Hogan is a member of the 2/29 battalion committee and is helping to organise a memorabilia display for the memorial service.“I’ve got dad’s old pack and a pipe that will be among other articles that will be on display at the shrine,” she said.“My dad’s sister had also saved reports from the Bendigo Advertiser at the time.“We’re making a special effort for the 70th anniversary because there are only about five of the men left now and very little is known about the battle.”Ms Hogan’s father, who died in 1981, was honoured for his 1942 war efforts with a distinguished conduct medal.On one day alone, Sergeant Victor Wedlick DCM was ordered to engage with his carrier at an enemy machine gun post and, although wounded and forced to withdraw, he returned three times to attack under heavy fire.He finally compelled the enemy machine gun points to withdraw.“This is a small part of his heroics, which took part over days,” Ms Hogan said.“They all fought for their lives with no sleep and no food – they were all heroes.“It was a pretty horrific battle.“Those who survived became prisoners of war in Changi and the Burma Railway.”The 70th anniversary of the battle of Muar Road will be commemorated at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance on January 22 from 3pm to 5pm.

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