Focus will be on leaders for next 33 days

IN 33 days, Australians will go to the polls to determine who should lead our nation for the following three years. It’s a wonderful example of a very powerful and well-established democracy that both the government and the opposition are led by politicians who were not at the helm of their respective parties at the last election.Yet both appear settled and in control, and not a drop of blood was spilled in achieving these leadership changes.While the leaders are new, their policies are not, and many of the major election issues that have both divided and united central Victorians in elections past, are no longer as prominent as they were.The drought is waning, water security has been achieved at least for now for the major urban communities, and massive amounts of money have been allocated and spent on health and education programs since the election in November 2007 – although just how well some of this money has been allocated and spent is yet to be determined.This election will zero in on the leaders more than any other in recent times. It will be close, perhaps closer than most would have expected since Julia Gillard assumed the reins of the Labor Party a little over three weeks ago, and it will be extremely tough.We wish all candidates well, and remind everyone that voting is one of the most powerful statements given to Australians, and something we should ever take for granted.