Diabetic driver’s lucky escape

A DIABETIC man was lucky to escape uninjured when his car careened off the road, clipping a fence and slamming into a house at 80kmh.Police say the 76-year-old man’s car was airborne for 17 metres after crossing lanes and hitting an embankment yesterday.Senior Constable Bruce Slimmon from the Bendigo traffic management unit said the man was semi-conscious throughout the incident after his blood sugar levels dipped too low.“He was driving along Marong Road . . . and he’s had a diabetic attack,” he said.Up to six other drivers following the man attempted to contact emergency services as they watched him swerve along the road.Senior Constable Slimmon said the driver of another vehicle saw the man swerving towards him.He braked, but the front of his car was clipped by the diabetic’s man’s vehicle as it crossed the road.The 76-year-old’s car shot up an embankment adjoining Marble Street at speeds of between 70kmh and 80kmh.Senior Constable Slimmon said the man was airborne for 17 metres, taking out part of one fence with his left rear wheel before coming down and driving through another. His car then slammed front-first into a third property.Police say there was no serious structural damage to the house.“Luckily it wasn’t a fatality,” Senior Constable Slimmon said.

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