Last year's Bendigo Fun Run record set to be eclipsed

Yesterday’s Bendigo Bank Fun Run attracted 2300 contestants and the total amount of money raised is expected to be high.

The fun run began six years ago to raise funds for Bendigo Health.

Bendigo Health foundation director Jane Anderson said it was a wonderful day at the Chinese precinct.

“It’s been fantastic to see everyone out there having such a great time,” she said.

“Our team, led by Kiri Earl and Hunter Gill, has put in a lot of work, as have the sponsors.

“Kiri and Hunter are the lynchpins.”

Ms Anderson said there was an increase in donations this year, with a number of runners paying their registration fee and additional donations.

“There was the option to donate, as well as run, and I think we picked up a few thousand from that,” she said.

More than $57,000 was raised last year and, while the official tally was not released at the time of print, Ms Anderson said it was sure to eclipse last year’s total.

“So many people were generous enough to donate,” she said.

“We think it’s going to be an extraordinary number. It wil take a couple of days (to confirm the amount), but we are looking forward to it being well up.”

“We are hoping it will mean an array of equipment to take with us to the new hospital.”

Ms Anderson said there were a number of highlights yesterday.

They included more than 500 people doing a synchronised warm-up that included the latest dance craze, Gangnam Style.

“Everyone took advantage of the great weather and had a go,” she said. 

“John Mulder (Bendigo Health CEO) and Craig Neimann (City of Greater Bendigo CEO) were both participating with their families and led by example.” Ms Anderson also applauded the work done by the council to set up the route early yesterday morning and thanked the major sponsors – Bendigo Bank, McKern Steel, Bendigo Advertiser, Bendigo Media Centre and the City of Greater Bendigo.

The Bendigo Health team of Shaun Makepeace, Jane Anderson, Troy Wass, Janine White and Keri Earl.

The Bendigo Health team of Shaun Makepeace, Jane Anderson, Troy Wass, Janine White and Keri Earl.