Super Snags for all occasions

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Want to know more about our bonza Aussie snags? They are sausages for those not true blue, filled with a recipe that combines meat, herbs and secret spices.

There is certainly a variety and flavour to suit every taste, and a cooking method you can refine and make your own.

The fabulous butchers mentioned here make some of the best bangers you could hope to find, so call in and ask them for their hot tips on how to cook and serve a top snag. 

Participating butchers:

The Australia Day barbie always means a slice of the freshest bread in your hand, tomato sauce dripping off your chin and the iconic snag in your hand. 

But snags are not just snags these days, as some of our butchers have their own secret recipes, and others even grow their own pork so they know which branch of the ‘family tree’ their snags came from.

Some say you can’t go past a herbs and onion taste that is similar to chook stuffing. But there’s always a wag who, when asked to name his favourite mystery parcel, mentions beef, cheese and vegemite sausages.

Does that sound like a bonza treat to you?

So take every opportunity to slouch in your deckchair this Australia Day, but do be prepared to have a ‘serious’ discussion about the merits of the snags you choose to burn to a crisp for your family and guests.

There are hours of good chats ahead.